Credit Control Services Sutton Coldfield

Myself, Lorraine Willis and the team, based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands will provide a bespoke service to client requests and can involve ad hoc work or the odd persistent non payer to the control of your full aged debtors list. We are happy to offer credit control in and around Sutton Coldfield Area but with the access to databases and emails distance can prove to be no problem.

We aim to do the following…

Contact client a few days after the invoice has been sent to make sure it has been received and there are no queries. If this is confirmed this is one less reason for the payment to be delayed to you.

We aim to send out monthly statements with a clear request to contact if there are missing invoices or any queries.

Rather than waiting until payment is late we like to make a courtesy call to your client to a few days before payment to ensure your payment is on the payment run. This will mean you know when to expect payment or if there may be a short delay due to staff being on holiday.

We keep meticulous records of calls on your accounts systems and emails sent and to whom we speak to and if a payment date has been agreed
We report back to you if there are any queries or concerns and if required a spreadsheet of activity

What we need from you:

All we need from you is

  • A list of all outstanding invoices
  • Customer contact name
  • Any history that we may need to be aware of.

What we promise to deliver:

High levels of confidentiality, politeness and tactfulness to ensure your customers always remain as happy with your business as if you were carrying out the credit control yourself.

Credit Control Sutton Coldfield