About Us

After working in the financial sector for a number of years and being on both ends of credit control. I realised that there is a need for respect and patience in this role. More and more businesses are realising this too that credit control is a rare and also time consuming skill and is about building solid relationships with the Finance Teams.

We aim to gain a strong grasp of the overall state of your sales ledger at any point in time and get to know how good each customer is at settling outstanding invoices.

We are not here to drive your customers away and will endeavour to achieve quite the opposite. We pride ourselves on forging strong professional relationships with your customers which can be on a short or long term basis. We aim to resolve issues that may have caused delays in payment previously or potentially may do in the future. These can be a number of simple reasons , incorrect email address, sitting on someone’s desk, , waiting for a PO number or authorisee not available.

We can contact your client as a member of your own company or as Simply Sutton Credit Control if you prefer to keep it separate. Work can be collected from your premises and then prepared at our office or easily still by email and access to accounting systems.

The Freelancer quoted a list of 25 things you should probably outsource and number 16 came up as Collecting Payment: After over a year and 20+ emails to an editor about an unpaid invoice I recently outsourced this job to someone and we are finally on our way. A company can help you keep track of outstanding invoices and follow up on them before they become due.

Rule 4 of Business Tips by Theo Paphitis – Cash flow is king. Profit is sanity. Turnover is vanity.